Message: ***this zus had already a user***

How can I solve this problem with my phone LG3?

Does your friend used your ZUS ever?

Nope. I paired myself the device on my car.

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Le 4 sept. 2016 23:21, à 23:21, LEG a écrit:

Can you solve my problem or should I return the product. At this moment you are my only friend😝

Our development is working on this problem, will release a new version in these days.

I am having the same issue, the phone shows me the same message and the the zus device has a light blinking

When? Days …how many?

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Le 5 sept. 2016 22:34, à 22:34, LEG a écrit:

We’re still working on your problem.
Android new version 2.1.1 is released today. The update will help us to identify the ZUS informations.
Our customer services need time to check more informations for your ZUS.

So all android’s phone have the same problem?

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Le 8 sept. 2016 12:14, à 12:14, LEG a écrit:

Hi calinuswork,

What type of phone do U have? Android or Iphone?

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Le 6 sept. 2016 14:35, à 14:35, Calinuswork a écrit:

We check to is due to the email spelling mistakes.

Our customer have dealt with this problem. We sent a message to you.

Thank you

Hi, I have a Nexus 5x recently updated to Android 7

Hi Calinuswork,

Could you please tell me is your ZUS newly bought? Do you use another email address to login?


Is not new, I have it for a wile and it used to work, both me and my wife
pair to it. Not sure if it works for my wife haven’t got the time to check.

I use the same email address.

We found the problem.

Your wife now can connect the ZUS. Because the ZUS is binding with your wife’s email. So you can’t connect it.

You can do these things to binding the ZUS:

1)Let your wife to “REMOVE” ZUS in settings page. Then you can connect to this ZUS.

  1. You can ask your wife to using “Family Share” feature. When she shared for you, you can connect to this ZUS and you both will see the last parking location. (You can unshare at any time.)


I have the same problem. Device is not connecting to my android phone. How to reset ZUS to default.

Does your friend used your ZUS ever?

If yes, please let your friends to remove ZUS, then you can connect to ZUS.

My zus light is not blinking it is freeze only charging i cannot see in Bluetooth i search i removed but it is not blinking

I have the same problem, my guess is I registered it with one email address, not the current one on the phone after having to flash the phone.

I tried to get a password reset from all three of the emails I could have possibly used, but was told none of them were found. So I created a new account for the ZUS.
How can the Zus be reset? Or is it just useless now.

Sorry. Our customer team will connect you to exchange the ZUS.