Message: ***this zus had already a user***

Our developer have reseted your ZUS. Please try again.

Thank you.

How can I reset Zus to original settings PLEASE

This is something that the zus support did, I had nothing to do with it.

Could you please tell me is your ZUS newly bought? Do you use another email address to login or your friends used to connected to ZUS?

I am having the same problems with the 2 ZUS devices I have. Could you reset them? They were newly bought.

Sure. Our developer will reset your ZUS asap.

Boa Noite, o dispositivo zus deve ficar ligado, mesmo com o carro desligado?

No. ZUS have no power when engine off.

I am having the same problem. After I switched to a new phone, I couldn’t connect to my zus. I emailed to your team many times and still not getting the problem solve. I did everything try to connect it (log out & log back in, reinstall the apps). Please help me to solve the problem.

Sorry. Our developer is reset your ZUS. Please try again.

Got it. Finally got it connected, thanks for helping!

First of all, i really like your product but I have the same issue…my friend bought me an iphone and Zus and when i try to connect them, i got the same message “this zus had already a user”.… would you please help me reseting it? Thank you

I am having the same problem you say was a bug already fixed. I have a new iPhone and get same message “already has user” or “send verify” How to reset please

Hi guys…
Just brought this product.
Now I can’t connect to it as it say "This Zus already has a user"
How do I reset this?!?!

@John_Manuel did you input the correct login email?

So anyone knows how to reset?!

Hi @John_Manuel dev team is looking into your case, will feedback to you ASAP.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Already thks
Hope u hear u soon

I cannot pair my charger because it says its in use with another user. I want to reset it because I want to give it to my son and use his own email address & login. How do I do this?

i am having the same issue. i got the charger used on ebay but it is connected to another account/ user. can this be reset?