Mileage log data format

My software won’t change from $ and Kilometres to £ and miles. I have changed and saved to the UK in the settings menu but it always remains the same. It’s no use to me if I can’t change this. Any ideas??

Hi Anthony,
This is Julieta, the User community Manager at nonda.
May I know which mobile operating system you are using? IOS or Android?


I’m using IOS.

Hi there,
The settings actually worked after you clicked save. Just the “$” you see in the app actually only signifies “money”, when you export the mileage log, the rate will appear in the corresponding currency that you’ve set your app with.
As for the distance measurement, you could change it simply by 3 clicks. on the settings icon in the upper right corner. settings again on Feet

and you are all set.

Let me know if you still have any problems using the mileage or any other features.
Thank you for reporting this. Appreciated.