Mileage log does not work right

I was drive from home to work in th morning about 51 km but the mileage log show only 28.4 km. Any way I try again this time I drove about 70 km but the mileage log show about 20.7 km.

I have the ZUS, and ZUS software, but I have never seen that software before? What is it, surely it’s not any ZUS software???

It’s a feature of ZUS App. You can start at ZUS App - Settings - Mileage Log .

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please tell us whether the “Start Point” and “End Point” is correct?

Actually at the morning I started at 13.635319, 100.650780 but the software recorded at 13.6188621, 100.7421754.
Afternoon I started at 13.673884, 100.915922 but the software recorded at 13.621332, 100.607091.

I downloaded the most recent software that they sent to me and I do not have this anywhere in my program. Is there an updated that we are supposed to get from the web or is somebody supposed to send us a new version of teh software to test out?

Do you use the Android phone? In Android version will release in next week.

It is already released but seems to crash whenever I open the travel log on a moto maxx.

Sorry. Our developer will fix it asap.