Moto 5G Bluetooth Issues

Not sure if this is limited to the ZUS products, but the one other Bluetooth device I use works just fine. Both the ZUS charger and ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor work fine after pairing, but as soon as I leave the car and come back, they no longer connect. I have to unpair the devices and remove them from the app, restart my phone and repair them. As I often go on short trips, this approach will not work in the long run.

Car: VW GTI (continuous power to cigarette lighter)
Phone: Motorola G5

Hi Sven,
May I know more details? when you come back to your car, say after 30 mins parking or so , and you open then app and the two device simply won’t connect? Do you happen to have a screenshot for this?

Would you please try turn the airplane mode on and off first? This could help for most android users.
Removing device from app is the last step we shall ever ask a user to do. So sorry it had caused you such inconvenience.
Let me know if the problem persists or not, would be glad to help out.

Best Regards,

Hello, I have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone running Android 7.0
I need almost every day to restart the phone to be able to connect to the ZUS charger. Daily writing long emails to NONDA customer support (Lori is the name of the person) and searching for a solution.

So I think that have a simpler and faster solution, found it this morning.
The symptoms are Bluetooth and Location services are working properly but ZUS charger 3 lights blinking, no connection to phone App.

  1. Unplug ZUS charger.
  2. Turn off phone Bluetooth connection.
  3. On the phone - go to Settings - Apps - Show system apps option.
  4. Find Bluetooth Share app - tap on the app name to open its settings- go to Storage and use CLEAR DATA button.
  5. Turn on Bluetooth connection on phone.
  6. Plug ZUS charger - 3 lights constant lit.
  7. Open the ZUS app - connected and working properly

Hope this will help you. :wink: