Mounting Adhesive Failing

I’ve had my camera about six months, and recently the adhesive that mounts it to the windshield has failed. It’s separating between the black, adhesive tape and the camera itself (black tape and the clear patch stay on the windshield.) I’ve pushed it back on but it just falls the next day. Any help appreciated, thank you!

Well that’s a bummer. Like any adhesive, you can get a 3M replacement from Home Reno Stores for cheap. (Electronic stores cost more for some silly reason because of their fancy packaging).

Secondly, you can contact support they may be able to ship you one for free, since its just the 3M adhesive that needs replacing.

It usually looses it’s durability due to high heat in the cabin. Though 6 months is a short time, either-way, you are under warranty for all parts, are you not?

@Julieta is that correct?

I had the same issue, but had to purchase my own replacement. I tried to get them to ship me some replacement 3m strips and received no reply. I hope you are able to get a better response than I did.

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Personally, I’d just walk into HomeDepot and go to the mounting section and buy a $4 pack.
Rather than waiting… but that’s impatient me. :blush:

I have the same issue. Not impressed