My Zus tell me my car is far away since one week

Zus app no longer update car location. Still stuck last position one week ago. I keep gps always on.

Please some advice

Could you please take a ZUS App screen shot to us?

We are having the exact same issue. ZUS lights just seem to be flashing, won’t connect.

Please try to update app version in App Store. I will check your problem wiz our developers.

I have 3 ZUS devices for each car in the family. The devices are paired with the ZUS app on my phone but it doesn’t update its current location. One car states that its last update/sync was 9 days 34 mins ago, the other 4 days 4 hours 21 mins and my car (which I drive daily) was updated 1 day 16 mins ago. I have tried to update the app as described above but it is already has the most recent update. I’ve tried logging out of the app and re-signing in but that doesn’t rectify the problem. Is there any other suggestion?

I haven’t tried to remove the device from the app. Should I do this?

I have the save issue. Should I return the product and find something different that works. Why is this such a challenge to understand that the basic function of this product Does NOT work?

Yes. Please remove the ZUS from the App. And add a new ZUS.

Sorry. Our developer is checking your problems now.

I’ve removed the Zus and add the new device again. It seems to work the first instance on connection but now the last sync was when I had connected the device to the app again. Although I have been using the car constantly with the ZUS plugged in, it doesn’t recognise any other places where the car has been parked! What should I do?

What’s your car model? Does your car battery work when you engine off?

I have the current model Mercedes A 250 Sports. It’s only 2 weeks old so the battery is fine. I have tried twice to remove the ZUS device from my phone and add it again. The phone app can only pick up the device the first time then it only remembers the parking spot for that instance once the engine is turned off.

I have even tried removing the app from the phone and downloaded again to the phone. Once logging in, it only picks up the initial location. Again, I removed the Zus from the software. It will only pick up the 1st instance of the sync and that is the only location it will pick up. Regardless if I have driven the car to other locations and used it over the week, the app still only picks up the 1st synced location point. Please advise.

PS: My phone’s GPS is set on High Accuracy – using GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks to determine location. Btw, google maps is functioning normally on the phone too.

Hi. I just figure out the problem… ZUS continue shows the last parking location. When I move the car, ZUS update the location to the last spot, not the real one. I check with the last 3 spots.

In the image the car actually is in the blue spot and yesterday was were is showing now.

We found that your highest car battery voltage is 12.9v though ZUS.
You can see ZUS’ light is on, but in fact ZUS can’t connect to your iPhone because of the low voltage(12.9v). So ZUS could not save your parking location.

We have two suggestions to check your problem:
1). Engine start and turn off your headlights and air conditioning for more accurate voltage readings. Then use ZUS to check your realtime car battery voltage.
2). Change another cigarette lights to check whether ZUS is work or not.

I have done as instructed but it only picks up the initial sync with the ZUS. I have tried it in my wife’s car and it still only recognise the initial synced position. I’ve tried plugging into my car’s other cigarette lighter and it lights up but can only locate the initial synced location.

I tried my wife’s ZUS in my car and there seems to be no problems picking up the ZUS from the phone’s app. Hence, I don’t think the battery is the issue in my car. Please help!

Hello there,
This is Julieta in charge of the User Community.

Our Customer Service team will contact you ASAP for a refund.

Thank you for reporting this. If you have any other questions using ZUS, please let us know. Appreciated your effort comparing your wife ZUS and presenting us with your test result.

All the best,

Hi Juliet

Is the new ZUS a better device? What is the difference?



Hi Stanley

The new ZUS you are referring to is our ZUS QC. It’s featured with 2 USB ports same as ZUS, however, 1 port of them supports Qualcomm QC 2.0
for Android. That’s the reason we name this device ZUS QC. If you happen to have an android phone with QC feature, you will be able to enjoy the ZUS QC feature which juices your android phone real fast. One additional feature to this ZUS QC is that the flash will turn green if the QC port is working on quick charge mode.

Anything else you’d like to know? Be glad to help:)

All the Best,

I’m not happy at all with my Zus. It constantly gives me an outdated reading. Not good when you can’t find your car!! I actually have a Zus in a gift box for a friend, and now I feel guilty because I know he won’t be happy with it. IT JUST DOESN’T consistently work accurately!!