Need to replace iHere cables! Specifications, please!

My husband stopped using his iHere (and threw it away) because the cable stopped working, so of course he threw the cable away, too. Now he is sorry, and he wanted a new iHere, so I just bought him one on Amazon (it arrives Wednesday). But he also wants an extra iHere cable, in case the new cable for the new iHere stops working too. So … I know that Nonda won’t sell anyone a replacement cable, so how can I get the specifications for the iHere cable, so that I can buy a cable somewhere else that fits these specifications?

Hi @Kate_Gladstone About your question, we use USB to Coaxial DC power connector, OD 2.5 mm (0.098 in) as the cable, you can buy one on amazon.:slight_smile:

I just spent a bunch of time looking for this cable. Found one out of stock on Amazon, but no other options that I can see. I don’t understand why you didn’t use microUSB cables which are everywhere. Where do you suggest I look for this cable?

Do you mean this cable? Sorry. We don’t sell the only cable for iHere.

If you want buy it. We use USB to Coaxial DC power connector, OD 2.5 mm (0.098 in) as the cable, you can buy one on amazon.

I understand that you don’t sell it. I have two questions:

  1. I tried to find such a cable on amazon, but failed. Can you give me a
  2. Why didn’t nonda just use a microUSB cable that is found everywhere?
    Why use this non standard cable that I can’t find anywhere on the internet?


  1. You can use this cable, Amazon link:

  2. In next iHere version, we use a microUSB cable to charge.

Thanks for the email. Unfortunately I live in Canada, and this does not
ship here. The equivalent on is out of stock

Oh…May be you can use the same keyword search for a new one

I tried that with no luck. The same item is unavailable on