New phone, won't pair

I have a Nexus 5 that the worked flawlessly with the Zus charger. I just got a Pixel phone and the Zus charger just won’t show up - when doing the initial scan it keeps saying ‘Try again.’ Have done this countless tries. The Pixel has no problems connecting to my BT speaker, headsets, Logitech keyboard and Pebble watch (all through BT of course. Just don’t know what is going on.

Actually, it looks like it is more of an issue with Android 7.1, the Zus app exhibits a number of strange issues - logging out of and then trying to log back into my account on the app keeps closing (crashing) the app, then wind up doing uninstalls and reinstalls of the app. Really appears to be unstable on Nougat 7.1.

Sorry. We found the ZUS app have this issue in Android 7.1. Our developer is working on that.

Thanks for the response and the info. I’ll stand by to see if there’s an


Your phone iPhone seven

Our developer have already found this bug.
Please double press the “home button” and swipe up the ZUS App to kill it manually.
Then reopen the ZUS App to check if ZUS is connected automatically. If not, please reply us.