No battery evidence - Mileage log doesn't start automatically

I have installed ZUS Smart Vehicle Heal Monitor on my VOLVO S40 and I find 2 issues:

  1. Pro Dashboard: I have no evidence of the vehicle’s battery status
  2. The app automatically recorded only 2 trips in the mileage log section, and by consulting the relevant section on the website I receive the following message “Mileage Log feature has not properly paired with your device.”

How can I solve these two problems?

Thank you.


For the vehicle’s battery status you need to ensure that you’re using the smart car charger. The SVHM does not show this information.

I’m unsure about your 2nd question, but depending on the version of the SVHM milage may not be recorded unless you are using the Smart Car Charger.

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Does the other data on the pro dashboard showed up when you drive? like engine load? coolant temp?
The device has to be connected to your phone each time so it use phone’s GPS location to record the Mileage and Parking location.
How’s the connection between the device and your phone?

Appreciated your help! @bobbysimonii

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Thank you Bobby, @bobbysimonii

Hi Julieta, @Julieta
all the data on the pro dashboard has showed correctly, but the mileage log work random, one trip was logged in a day, a lot of trip wasn’t logged for few days after, then a new trip is logged newly. Any suggestions?
Thank you

Hello @Enrico_Maria_Carosi
Could you share your ZUS login email with me in the private message or send it to
We have to take a look at it first.
Best Regards,