No data show on dashboard pro but it's connected

Hi @Julieta

I’ve just bought the ZUS SVHM & have the same problem as @Muhamed_Zulkhairilis_Dzulkepli.

My car model also same as him.

The symptom exactly same.

  1. Plugged SVHM
  2. SVHM blinks twice & no lights after that.
  3. Connected but no data displayed.

Appreciate if you could assist on this problem.

Wondering what OS system is your phone?
Best Regards,
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Hi @Julieta
I recently received my Zus SVHM and seem to be having the same problem as everyone else.
Not data at all is coming through to my phone however the device is definitely connected as I had a check engine light error that I was able to clear from my phone.

The car model is: 2008 Toyota Hilux SR5 Auto 4x4 MY09 Dual Cab DIESEL
Phone model is: iPhone 11 pro
Phone iOS is: 13.3

Any help whit this would be appreciated.
Cheers Troy

Hey @TwistMyMind did you have to change anything for the data to come through?

Car stopped, motor idling

Same problem here. It worked fine a few days ago.
My car is a Jeep Renegade 2018 sport.
The Healt Monitor doesn’t register a lot of data. And doesn’t generate the logs


Same problem
Had data for a day then nothing but it is connected

Hi, i have the same issue. Dashboard didn’t display data. But SVHM is connected.

Using Iphone Xs, ios 13.3.1

Same issue, 2003 trailblazer

Hi there, can you let me know since when you are having this issue? Are you on iOS or Android?

@Julieta any update on my issue? Appreciate that. Thanks.


Still having this problem. Support told me be patient, it’ll probably get fixed with a couple of upgrades in the app. Two months now. Connected but no data.

… if support is using the word “probably” … should possibly be a warning sign.

I have the same issue, 2015 Renegade Trailhawk, worked great for a long time, got an update one day and now for about 2 months the SVHM connects but gives no dashboard data. Tried the debug version, worked for a bit but ended up doing the same thing. SVHM won’t show firmware version like my other paired devices in the ZUS app. Tried the monitor on another car and no data. Tried to pair the SVHM Lite I recently got to test if it was my monitor that’s the issue, it will not pair.

Well, it has been a very long time since I’ve been here. I’m having the same problem. Now seeing that they might have a fix has me thinking it won’t be fixed anytime soon then.

My SVHM dashboard is displaying data, the app is running a lot faster, and videos transfer off the ZUS dash cam much faster. Whatever bug was causing my issues seems to have been squashed. Maybe Carlos can confirm if compatibility with Jeep Renegade has been fixed?

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Still, having the same issue for 2011 Miata GT, it does not show the dashboard readings.

It works for 2009 BMW 528i,

It is compatibility issue with app and car. The problem is not related to phone, IOS or android.

Please try to upgrade the app to be able to communicate with different car computer computer units.