Nonda backup camera lagging

I got my camera yesterday and I tried. Overall it’s good. Nice image quality.
The problem is it sooo laggy. The image is delayed for 2 secs, and it froze every 2 secs. I can’t have smooth video at all after I mounted. I don’t think it’s useful if it’s like this, cuz it’s so dangerous while I’m checking the camera and backing up.
Btw, it’s kinda smoother if I hold my phone beside it.
Not sure if it’s only an issue for me. Please let me know.

I’m using iPhone X and driving a mid-size sedan.

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In some ways, that’s sort of to be expected for a backup camera to be wireless, as there will be some sort of delays and especially when the signal strength isn’t all that strong most likely. I guess you can try opening the app, connect to the backup camera, and let it run for a few seconds before actually backing out.

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Hi @yhnehc Feedback well received, will release an update early next week to address this issue. In the meanwhile sorry for your inconvenience.


This could be an iPhone X/iOS issue. Quick search brought up:

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Thanks for bought this up, but I don’t think it’s a Bluetooth issue for me. I never have Bluetooth issue with my phone before. Also, The backup camera should connect via WiFi.

From what I can tell, the camera do connect via WiFi. The camera goes into a low power standby mode via Bluetooth LE and once the app tells the backup camera to turn on via Bluetooth LE, then it quickly turns on the WiFi to connect for a faster streaming connection to be used for backup camera. The issue here is the connection might not be as strong or stable for the first few seconds or even up to a minute, but even then, it still have a little lag/delay.

It looks good on their YouTube demo. For me I get 2-5 secs delay quit frequently. And sometimes get 1 sec frozen every 2 -3 secs. I keep it on for long time these days. So it’s not a warmup issue. Hopefully next app update fix it. WiFi bandwidths should have no problem to handle data

just installed mine
Phone is redmi 5 ,Same problem, lagging. Dangerous to use as backup camera

Safe to say that I won’t be using this until nonda fix it