Nonda website not working

Hey, I noticed a little problem. Most of the time when I try to go to nowadays, it says that the website’s DNS server cannot be accessed. Why that is, I don’t know, but it would be nice to get that resolved. I can always access the forums, but the main website is inaccessible. If this could get fixed, that would be great.

Using chromebook codename peppy
version 49.0.2623.112

I was just able to access it from my phone. Hopefully more people will try and we can find a common variable to see what the issue is

Just tried it from my phone as well and it worked perfectly. Is it still having trouble loading for you, @John_Hagen?

Hi John, I think it will be helpful if you put some screenshots and tell them your IP address.
Hope you have already solved your problem.

Hi @John_Hagen Thanks for your feedback! We have found this issue and soon it will be fixed.

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It’s still not working. This is what chrome gives me as an error. I can only use chrome, as I cannot download other browsers on a Chromebook.

Sometimes due to server issue and connectivity issues, we face website problems that we can easily resolve from the help of

it is a problem with Shopify platform (where is hosted) DNS records.

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