Nonda Zus Smart Dash Cam not keeping connection with Iphone

Nonda support,

Please help.

The Zus Nonda Smart Dash Cam is not keeping the connection and loosing application settings. I have tried disabling the ther WiFi connections, but the same thing happens when a strong connection is nearby. I just received the product and I am not impressed at all.

Can someone from Nonda please contact me with some idea why this is happening and is there a fix for this bug?

I am about to return the product and I am a ride share driver. Should I be asked about this product I am not going to recommend it to anybody. I was going to purchase the tyre monitoring and vehicle health check, but until this is rectified I am not going to risk it.

Before you put out a product, you should bug test the software and hardware. This evidently has not been done to the appropriate standard prior to shipping.

I checked and I have the latest software version on my Iphone and my camera.

Kind regards,

Jean-Marc Feldman

Hello @Jean-Marc_Feldman
Thank you for reaching out, I will ask our customer service team to follow up with you.
In the meanwhile, could you record your screen when you are operating the Dash Cam’s settings? What do you mean by disable the Wi-Fis?
If you aren’t sure what record screen is here’s one support article from Apple.
Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello, I am having the same issue, when I start my car the dash cam Connect for a solid 3-5 minutes. Blinking blue, than it beeps and looses wifi connection to the cam, seems as a solid white color.

The camera is on the newest firmware also. Any assistance with this please?

Hello @Gfx_Herrera Solid white means the cam is recording. It only needs to be in Wi-Fi mode when you have the need to connect it with your smartphone.

I did a system check and you Can see it only detects my back up camera/tire sensors but not my dash cam, is this normal?

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Thats correct, the Dash cam isn’t apart of the vehicle scan. Only the backup camera, the SVHM, TPMS, and the car charger have functionality doing a system scan.

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So I made a mistake, after 3-5 minutes I hear the camera beep, the light goes from solid white to solid blue.

@Gfx_Herrera Let me get this straight.
You didn’t click any button on the devcie, yet it automatically turns from white to blue?

Correct. So it stays solid blue. Once I turn the car back on the light is white for a few seconds, than back to blue. I unplugged the power and plugged it back as suggested on the trouble shooting page, but nothing changed.

Hello @Gfx_Herrera I know this may be too much to ask, but can you try RESET the device and give it a try?
You need a pin to stick into the reset hole alongside the power socket, press it for 2 or more seconds until you see the blue light flashing.

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OK, I tried this and it did reset. Powered back on and blue light solid again.

Maybe the unit is defective?

I am returning the unit. Besides being a below average product. Unresponsive customer service. For the price, there are far better products out there that provide better options, 1 like parking mode. I have three other nonda products that are great, but I feel the dash cam was rushed and caused it to be a bad product.

Hello @Gfx_Herrera I’ll speak with CS head and see why your case is delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.