Nonda zus TPMS low pressure warning while connected and also won’t calibrate

I just got this system today and so here is what I get when I connect to the hub all the sensors are correct but still won’t calibrate when I drive for more than 10 min.Idk if it might be the battery’s in it I’ll try to replace them tomorrow but if it’s not the battery’s and you know what it is then please let me know.

Most likely the batteries. Nonda is known for delivering the tire monitor with completely or almost empty batteries.

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Thank you soo much for the quick response I will try this and let you know when I do.:slight_smile:

So I grabbed my voltmeter and all the battery’s read bellow 1 volt so I expect a full reimbursement for the battery’s very ridiculous that’s they ship dead.

You will have to contact Nonda customer care for that:

He Corey. I got the new batteries from a local shop saved the receipt. After contact by mail they asked for myn PayPal and a copy of the receipt and got the momey fully refunded.