Not Working

Twice now in the past week, the monitors have been unable to save me from a leak in my tires. The first time, I was at Jiffy Lube on Saturday, and the technicians failed to tighten the sensors all the way. This led to my rear driver side tire becoming flat as they worked on it.

Last night, the rear passenger tire was completely flat. I had to go and fill that tire up. Both times, the sensors didn’t tell me anything was out of the ordinary. There was no puncture in my tire, which leads me to assume that the sensors weren’t put on all the way, and were slowly leaking air from the sensors. No damage to my vehicle was caused, thankfully, but this shows me that the sensors aren’t working. I have no way of knowing for sure as of right now, as my Android phone is in for repair and my backup Windows phone doesn’t have the ZUS app in the app store. I checked my front passenger tire because I thought that it looked a little flat last night. Sure enough, the sensor was screwed on all the way.

I’ll update this with my findings, but since then, I’ve tightened the senor on my driver rear tire, and no problems have occurred. I’ve taken the sensor off of the passenger rear tire, and no problems have occurred. I’m going now to measure the pressure on my front tires, and will update this later on today.

Has anybody else had the issue of the tire sensors not sensing a leak?
I know my sensors have said that they were a certain temperature, but they’ve been like that forever, never updating the temperature.
Once before they have sensed a leak, but not until my tire was at 14 PSI (this is way too low to alert me, as I was just about to drive onto the freeway). This leads me to assume that even though the device says it is connected to the sensors, the data is not being updated very frequently at all. In fact, after I got my tire repaired, the device still beeped like there was an issue for a few driving cycles.

I am also having an issue with my sensors and I have yet to find any sort of troubleshooting or where to look for help. I installed the system on my 01 F350 and my tires are at 60psi up front and 70psi in the back so it should be pretty obvious if they pressure is low. Right now the sensors, when they connect, only read a max of 5psi. My sidewalls would be on the ground if my tires were actually that low. I have tried running through the calibration a couple times and I tried adjusting how tight the sensor was while monitoring the pressure on my phone but there was no change. I hope there is a simple fix but I don’t know what steps to take next.

Are my sensors faulty? Where is the tech support at?

So sorry to hear that, may I know on which version of the beta app are you on? @John_Hagen

Hi @wrsmbb
We are looking into your problem and will feedback ASAP. Thank you for bringing this up.

Hi @wrsmbb
While we are looking into the problem, may I know if you have other aftermarket devices on your F350? i.e. backup camera?

Hi @wrsmbb
Can I have several screenshots to further troubleshooting?

  1. Screenshot of the main dashboard.
  2. Screenshot of the tire history page for Front Right/ Rear Right / Rear Left.
    Also where did you plug in the in-car receiver? near the gear knob? or at the back?

So sorry for the inconvenience.

I was on the latest beta version of the app that you have out. I think it’s 4.1.

Similar problem in the sense that I’ve tried it all. The receiver and phone (latest app version) show back left and both front tires at 0psi but shows accurate temperature. The back right tire sensor works well except, of course, when I switched them.
Reseted and recalibrated several times, switched them, drove over 15mph.
I also have ZUS health monitor and works great.
& a Dashcam: blackvue 750 2ch
Thanks in advance.