Notification while still driving

Why is the ZUS 2 keeps sending me notifications while I’m still driving? This is kind if annoying now. I get at least 6 notifications while the engine is running.

ZUS2 means ZUS QC?

Yes the latest ZUS which I received just to test and post a review. Everything is great with the device but I think mine is buggy because of the notifications while still driving.

Is it possible that it is coming out from the car?

Could you please tell us you received Parking notifications or Car battery voltage notifications?

What model is your car? If you don’t want received notifications, you could go to ZUS app “settings” “Parking notification” - ”turn off“

Yes I can received parking notification about paying the meter. The battery
voltage I guess if the battery is low then it will notify me but my battery
is brand new so I don’t get notification.

Don’t know. The light on ZUS is on and never have problem charging my device and this problem never occur on my old ZUS.

I drive Subaru Crosstrek. I get notifications while I’m still driving and the car is running. It suppose to give me notification when I turn off the car and save where I park it. Not while I’m driving.

Could you please tell us where you put your phone when driving?

If you mean running the apps or not while driving, it doesn’t matter. It still does fhe same thing. Notifying me while I’m dtill driving

I guess is ZUS signal‘s problem, I have already told the customer service team. They will help you to exchange a new ZUS.

Thank you