Obd2 reader caught fire

My car Almost got fire while driving in highway when i noticed burning smell and suddenly smoke coming out of obd2 reader. Be careful guys of these cheap devices

Which reader exactly do/did you have, and what car make/model/year do you have?

I just had a fire in mine,not sure of cause yet they are coming to tow it

If this is the ODB2 reader of Nonda again, this is getting out of hand now…

My Nonda Heath monitorbwas stuck. Turns out it was melted to my odb and my odb us dead. Nonda should pay my bill to get it fixed. But guess what? App contact button is dead and the support chat says error. I guess I got my 6.99 worth.

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Have you tried to reach out to them via email CS@nonda.us? No employee from Nonda is truly active on these forums now days, its mostly customer experiences.