Optional Sensor for Spare Tire?

Any chance y’all would add an option for a 5th sensor for people with spare tires? I know a lot of people that rarely check the tire pressure in their spare tire until they have to use it (only to find out that it is flat).

Some things to note:

  • Where the spare tire sits (some cars have it under the vechicle, some in the back, some in the trunk)
  • How the spare sits (sedans have the spare in the trunk with the opening facing up; valve stem might be obscrutive if sensor is attached).
  • Clearence between the stem and the rim frame
  • Obviously the app should have a spare option but in terms of hardware- additional bluetooth goodies needed for tx/rx etc unless you piggyback (doubtful).

Hi @kiddoflows Nice feature to be added, will convey to team.
Thank you.
BTW, how’s the STSM on your car performing, love to see our product really offers real life help to users. :slight_smile:

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I like that, I usually check the spare when I go on a long trip, but other than that, I never do. This would be a big thing. It could even be good to sell a separate one that connects to the app instead of the hub for someone who already has sensors on their car, but not on the spare itself.



I have to wait until November (ETA shipping) to try it out but I have some buddies that have it and it let them know they had a leak on two seprate occasions. But I think they had to replace an outer cap on one of the sensors.

Hi @kiddoflows Can I have more details on this? Is the sensor broken? Not giving readings?

I would also very much like to have a pressure sensor for my full size spare tire (it sits in a well under my trunk floor). It would only need to report in to the phone app once per trip when it detects the car is being driven so I expect the battery would last a longer time than the regular sensors. Also of interest, I am using the app on an iPad mini and it works well and is much easier to read than on a tiny phone display.

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