Pair new sensors - Problem for installing TPMS Study Tool on Ios 12

Hi all,

I have to pair new TPMS Sensors.

I already have to to it previously and I know I need to install TPMS Study tool.on my iphone.

In the past, I finally be able to install it by using the URL but it was witn iOS 11.

Now, I use iOS 12.3.

The Download is OK. I choose install ==> the TPMS Study tool icon is on iPhone desktop but with a dark image.

I go back to Safari to select the button which normally create a new configuration profile on the iphone in roder to trust Nonda apps.

The iphone OS switches to Settings / general / Profile but does nothing.

Do you have an updated program of TPMS Study Tool (more than 1.2 Buld 2) compliant with iOS 12.3

Many thanks in advance.

Hi all,

I’ve received an answer from the support by email.

Please try the following version of the TPMS Study Tool.

It works fine.

Thanks to the support.

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