Pairing and the new Selfie feature

If you only have one AIKO do you have to delete it from the app each time you want to use it for a different function (luggage tracker, key finder, or selfie remote)? I was unable to pair the same remote to multiple features and had to delete the function of key finder before turning it into a selfie remote. Also when I went to turn it back into a key finder and deleted the selfie function my AIKO will not pair with the phone anymore and it is saying the battery is down to 50%.

According to Gordon once the app is finalized those features will be easily accessible for one Aiko without having to delete and readd.

As far as the pairing issue I think the dev team is working on that :slight_smile:

@Patrick_Shine Yea and dev team will soon get in touch with you to solve this issue. :slight_smile:

I got the AIKO paired finally after toggling it back and forth in settings and at least it works again with the find my keys function (which is most important for me) but when I changed it to the camera selfie function it will not snap the photo. I’m sorry if I am being annoying. :smirk:

Ha my bad, I forgot to tell you about this. :sweat_smile: