Pairing new TPMS wheel sensor

I received a replacement TPMS wheel sensor but my USB module will not recognize it. How do I pair the new sensor to the existing USB module?

Hi @Joe_Cappellino are you using iPhone? We do have a software for manual pairing, but for iOS device only.
And below is a tutorial

If you encountered any problem, feel free to let me know.
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I can not install this app to my iphone, in iPhone Settings i can’t find menu Device Managemant. Pls help

It’s in General ----> Profiles & Device Management ---->No NDA Inc (Trust)

Also, the app has been updated, please get it from here:
A new tutorial video is here:

Hi, is there a manual pairing app for Android OS?

Hello @charles_tan82
The pairing process is quite the same, Android Vs. iOS.
Wondering if you have the download link for the android app already?
If not, I will get back to you ASAP.

I can’t get any of your replacement instructions to work. I download the “app”, then it tries to download an 8k file that ask for for “open in”; no device Mgmt profile comes up.
Can’t we do this through the ZUS app? Replacing a sensor?

Hi there I also cannot get the TMS tool app to download. I’ve tried both the old version and the new version. Hopefully you can help. Cheers

I don’t believe there is an Android pairing app, only one for iOS.

If that’s changed, I’d love to know how to get the Android version, so I don’t have to find an apple device to borrow when I need to pair my two new sensors!

Yes we do.
Please download from:
Android:: password: zustpms

My TPMS batteries appear to have died so I replaced them and now the app is not showing any tire data, however the receiver shows all my lights are green. do I need to do the pairing to get the data to start showing back up in the app? I’ve removed the device and re-add it restarted the device and moved locations, with no changes.

Good news for the Android world. Thanks for sharing!

Need help. I have a new TPMS Sensore that I bought last year and can’t pair it with the receiver. I tried the new download ( for the iPhone but the ZUS profile doesn’t show in the profile list. Can anybody help??

Hi! The tool (both old and new) doesn’t get installed in iPhone. Pls help.

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The link for android app is not working

They seem to have given up on their loyal customers