Poor fit in power receptacle

I love your product however I am disappointed that it seems to dislodge from the power receptacle very easily. A better and tighter fit would be much appreciated. Any traction on the cable connecting it to the phone will cause it to lose contact and power.

Hi @wbendermd May I know your car make? Thus we can have a better understanding as why this doesn’t fit well. Thank you for loving our product!

I actually experience the same issue with my car. I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe, and I use the external 12v power on the passenger side of the center console. I’m wondering if roughening up the contacts on the outer edge of the Zus might make a difference in the grip?

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May I know around when did you purchase ZUS smart car charger?

My car is a 2017 Audi Q7. I have had the Zus for about 6 months or so. My
previous power plug fit better and “stayed put”. Thanks for responding so
quickly. The Zus in my wife’s 2010 Acura TL does not seem to have the issue
so it may indeed be car/brand specific.

@wbendermd thank you for the detailed info. We are realizing some plugin issue with some specific car make like BMW, however it’s the first case I met with an Audi. I will discuss your case with our hardware team and try to see a better solution for you! Thank you for having ZUS not only in your vehicle but also your wife’s as well. I can tell you are really a super fans!

I believe I received it sometime around February of last year.

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My wife and I continue to have problems with the Zus pulling out from the
power interface in our Audi and Acura cars and losing power contact. Is
there a simple fix?

Hello, I had similar problems with my ZUS charger on my GM OPEL ZAFIRA car.
The cigarette lighter diameter is bigger on these GM OPELs than other cars I used, and it is placed close to the gear shift and hand brake levers. During my rides I often touched the connected phone cable and this caused ZUS to loose contact with the socked - so it restarted phone charge and made annoying beeps and saved the parking location an that was making me mad!
So I made a DIY solution to extend the ZUS charger diameter and now it fits in the lighter socket very secure, No movement, no accidental restarts and power drops.
See the pictures attached. Just cut a few small plastic tabs from a thin plastic ice cream can cover with an appropriate size, wrap them with electric insulation tape and put a small zip tie to hold it to the ZUS charger body.
Not the best looking solution, but works like a charm! In a case I need to use the charger on another car (with smaller lighter socket) - just firmly press the two side metal contacts on ZUS body and slide the zip tie to remove the ‘invention’.
Hope this helps for you.


That’s Brilliant!!!

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I’ve had the same problem with both ZUS chargers fitting poorly into the Auto port.
I’ve since switched to the Smart Car Charger and both of these fit nice and tight with no problem.
I would rather use the ZUS charger due to the higher power output, and plan DIY a fix like @Zhivko_Nikolov


Changer won’t work on both a 2016 340i and 2017 X5 front console cigarette lighter. However it works on lighter receptacle in back seat

@alex.durairaj Hello Alex, when you say won’t work, did you see ZUS LED flashed? or it cannot even fit in?

Though I have had one since the launched. I have always had issues with it easily disconnecting from the power. I have used it in my 2003 Audi A4, 2011 Mazda Tribute, 2015 Audi SQ5, 2008 Jeep Cherokee and 2007 Ford F-150.

Had a similar issue in my 2014 Kia Rio, but that was a few months ago. Changed my in-car charging setup since then.

I’m having issue with the bmw M2. No lights come on at all and fits loosely. Should I return it?

I would prefer to see the images that @Zhivko_Nikolov added but unfortunately I can not. Probably removed from server.

@vklwong - have you tried just plugging it in another car? is it a device issue or fitment issue?

Hello, I am attaching the pictures from my previous post again, For some reason the old links are broken.
The clear plastic is a cap from small ice cream cup.
This simple solution works well for more than two years already.


Ah nice. thanks @Zhivko_Nikolov!

It’s a fitment issue. Would of been nice if ZUS posted which cars they have fitment issues with before you buy. I have a bmw and after contacting them, they asked me to return it! Go figure.