Problem with charging

Hi there… my second zus after 3 months suddenly stopped charging… its connected to phone and showing battery percentage and saving location normally… just isnt charging at all… tried many cables and different phonws with no luck… thanks for any advice

Hello Amir,

Sorry to hear that, please contact asking for a refund. Our customer service team will be very glad to help you.

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Mine seems to have the same problem. It connects just fine with the app and monitors my car’s battery as well, but most of the times the lights on the USB ports are off and don’t charge any device.

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Hi @silvestreleonardogonzalezabreu Does the ZUS fit well in the cig socket?

Hi, it fits just fine, and everything else works as it is supposed to.

Hi @silvestreleonardogonzalezabreu
Do you mind if I forward your case to our Customer Service team?
Seems like it’s a hardware related issue. :confused:

Actually, it has been working fine for a couple of days, but since I don’t know whether it will happen again, I would appreciate that you forward it to customer service.

Already did. @silvestreleonardogonzalezabreu
Please keep an eye on your inbox. :slight_smile:

I ordered my car charger at indiegogo. It worked fine until last week. The light on the charger are working and it saves the car location. However the charger is not charging my phone and becomes very hot.

Hi @p8tr I will pass your case to the customer service team. Thank you for leaving your feedback here.

Hello Julieta. You told me that you passed my case to the customer service team. Since then I never heard something again. Can you please tell me what is happening? Best regards Peter van Velthuyzen

Hi @p8tr I will follow up with team and see what’s going on.
Thank you for your patience.

I have the same issue as amir

Hi @Margarita_Gutierrez

I will forward your case to the Customer Service, you will be assigned an agent to follow up with this issue.
Sorry for the awful experience. :disappointed_relieved:

Best Regards,

Yes, Same here. It monitors my car and connects to the app bt wont charge from either port.