Question about the HD Music Adapter

I currently have an FM transmitter in my car and it works fine, BUT I have to reset the FM station preset on it everytime I get in the car. Will the HD Music Adapter remember the current station setting? And how does it work in conjunction to the Zus app. Thanks!

@James_Gillespie Yes, you could set the frequency on the HD Music Adapter and it will be recorded on the device, no need to set each time you get into your car.
Anything else you’d like to know?
Please feel free to ask.
Would be glad to help.

Hi Julieta,

Does it increase volume or decrease it?
How many feet is the cable long?
What is the features of synchronisation via Zus App?


Hi @alidaher409

  1. once paired with your smartphone and connected to your car’s media (either via FM or AUX cable), the volume can be adjusted either from the smartphone or the car media control.
  2. Cable length: 47 inches
  3. it’s an independent device, without APP enabled features.

Hi…In most instances sound quality will be best with wifi streaming, then bluetooth, then mini headphone jack.
The brightplay dac is nothing special, but it can’t be any worse than the stuff in apple products.
Even the best bluetooth is not exactly high fidelity. I did provide a few links to models with
digital audio out. The trade-off is no zone2 audio that way on many stereos.

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