Question on the Dashcam

Search as I may, i find zero content on what the light on the left side of the dashcam indicates. Does it mean its on when it is white. If it is not on, should I turn it on? What die it go off? Why does it come on? If it is not on, does that mean the unit is off and not recording? Why an I having to ask these questions?

the white light means it’s on and recording. if you press the button twice within a few seconds the light will begin to flash blue which means the Wi-Fi is enabled and you can connect to it with your mobile device to view the stored video images.

So if the white light isn’t on - it isn’t recording? I cut it on, but invariable the white light goes away. I need this thing to record while driving, not start recording just after a collision has occurred.

If the light is not on at all, it probably does not get power. BUT: The white LED is really really hard to see in broad daylight…