Random “No Signal”

First, I’d like to express my optimism on the product and I’m trying hard to love it. A few questions:

  • Sensors randomly getting disconnected what are the probable causes?
  • If this is battery issue is the app suppose to inform the user?
  • How do you replace the battery? What are the specs?

FYI Been using the product for a week.


Hi @Lance_Quejada

Thank you for supporting us with purchasing and installing the Smart Tire Safety Monitor. Regarding your concerns:

  • “Sensors randomly getting disconnected what are the probable causes?” When you say “disconnected”, what kind of alert did you see on the APP?

  • Users are supposed to receive “low battery” alert prior to the battery completely drains out.

  • The battery we applied for the sensor is one CR1632 in each sensor.

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When I open the app just says “No Signal”. No notification at all.

Before starting a drive I always check if the sensors are all green. There are times all sensors are lit and sometimes 1-2 are missing. Whatever sensor it seems to be arbitrary. While driving I do glance in a while to notice that all lights are green. So I’m confused how to make sense of it.

iOS notifications center doesn’t show anything - I think the app should have its own notifications log for this case.

For reference:

Car is mid-size suv with Ford SYNC 2.0 MFT
City Driving no off-road
iOS 11.0.3 on IP 7+

The alert is ok but it again it’s most likely to be dismissed. Is there a way to view the battery status for each sensor in the app? I can’t seem to find it even in the specific sensor detail screen.

Ok thank you and for the instructions.

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Mine are connecting, but they are doing the calibrating again. I drove around for miles with it doing this. Is there another bug in the app?

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IKR. I don’t know too how to make sense of it. From my observation it could be:

  • Battery is too weak? (My wish is to have a % indicator per sensor)
  • Bluetooth strength or interference? I’m not sure what BT version there is but it seems the coverage area is rather less than average. Walk 10-15ft away and the app is struggling to connect.
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Hi @udontknowjack39289 You are holding the beta test version and I am quite sure it might run out of battery. Have you tried installing new batteries for sensors?
I’ve provided this suggestion to @Henrick_Rawlins and @Henrick_Rawlins

Seems like this has cured the problem for now.

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It is a point to be considered, however when we designed the app, it is supposed to suggest “Low Battery” in the APP.

It’s bluetooth Version 4.0
It’s supposed to be connected when users are in the car with receiver also in roughly the same position. :slight_smile:

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Re: battery % indicator it’s a wishlist – it’s our hope that the team is listening. Notifications are ok but then again it’s easy to get lost.

I’ll try to replace the battery and report back if this solves the issue.

Thank you.

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I haven’t replaced the batteries yet, I will do that and report back as soon as I do.


Thank you @udontknowjack39289

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After I replaced the batteries in all 4 sensors …they are working great now. Hope this works for you also😜

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Glad it worked for you. I’m yet to confirm from my end. I’ll respond again once I’m able to change the battery.

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After 4 months I got two sensors are failing, I swapped the batteries and still failing. Followed the directions on this thread and they still don’t work.What should I do?

Have you replaced the batteries? @Ramon_Lantigua