Really frustrated

I bought the backup camera maybe 18 months ago. I’m really happy with the view provided on my iPhone BUT…

I originally had an iPhone-7 and it took me weeks to figure out a sequence of closing the app that would shut down the camera’s WiFi. I recently upgraded to an iPhone-XR and I’m ready to throw the camera in the trash. First, I noticed the same issue that I had originally with the iPhone-7. This time, I was determined to resolve it quickly so I removed the camera from the car and experimented from the comfort of my living room. I spent five hours (with no success) trying to resolve the issue.

I found several app shut-down sequences that would leave the WiFi ON permanently. I also found several shut-down sequences that APPEARED to work properly but, two minutes later, the WiFi came back on. Two minutes after that, The WiFi went off again and continued OFF/ON at two minute intervals indefinitely.

If Zus will not update the app to provide a WiFi OFF switch, this camera is totally useless to me.

Honestly, the backup camera is useless to anyone who parks within range of their house. So, mostly useless in general. I’m surprised they are still selling it.

Well now it’s worse. Totally unusable with iPhone IOS-13. The camera turns on correctly, the blue light turns on, and the ZUS WiFi is confirmed in the iPhone settings. However, the ZUS app won’t recognize the WiFi!

Just for giggles, I confirmed that Safari would connect to the ZUS WiFi but, of course, it didn’t go anywhere further.

Hopefully an app upgrade will solve the problem. Otherwise, the trash can is the only option.

I deleted and reloaded the app. I reset the camera and confirmed the three-light indiction. No difference.

OK. I fixed the second issue. The app now recognizes the ZUS WiFi but the first issue is still there. Depending nohow I shut down the app, the WiFi either stays on permanently or cycles on and off qt two-minute intervals. The Nonda customer support is non-existent. I contacted them several days ago with a detailed message and not so much as a whimper of a response.

How did you resolve the WiFi issue?