Same Reading No Matter what

Sensors stay at same readings, can add air and won’t change. I can drive for hours and the tire temps stay the same, RF always reads 47 psi 106 degrees, RF 47 psi 87 degrees, RR 46 psi 92 degrees, LR shows a reading at times and that 47 psi and 54 degrees then disappears and comes back when it wants. about every hour or so the unit beep like 10 times and the reading go out.

Hello @Richard_Powell seems like a compatibility issue in your case, do you mind I forward your case to our Customer Care Team?

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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No do what you have to do. I also replied to an email I recieved with a picture since I was told max air is 46psi. The reading I sent are 46.9 so in my words its 47 psi.
Help help with this issue