Sensors annual service

my TPMS is one year old already and I assume it should be serviced, so I have few questions:

  1. how often should I change the battery? - every 1 or 2 years?
  2. should I grease the pink O-ring inside the sensor, or only the black one under the plastic cap?
  3. which grease should I use for O-rings? common 100% silicone grease or something else?
  4. your website says “We recommend you to add oil and unscrew the sensor every two weeks” to prevent an oxidation. what do you mean under “oil” - a common silicone grease, or WD-40, or something else? where should I apply the grease - to the metal thread inside the sensor?

Around 1 year, and this value is calculated based on 3 hours of driving per day. Actual lifespan may vary depending on environmental temperatures.

ok, what about other questions?

I’m still interested in which type of grease I should use and how.

Hi @Vv_Kk
It’s better to apply the oil on the head of the tire valve stem core.

what do you mean under “oil” - a common silicone grease, or WD-40, or something else?

answering my own questions:
yesterday the rear left sensor reported low battery, and after a few hours rear right sensor followed. both front sensors are still ok but I think they will report low battery soon too. so the estimated battery life time is 1 year (and a few months) rather than 2 years. I live in hot and humid climate but drive less than 1 hour daily. your mileage may vary.

concerning o-rings: I did not grease the pink internal o-rings as I do not know what are they made of (they exfoliate, do not look like rubber, latex or silicone). I did grease the black external (under the cap) o-rings with the silicone grease for black rubber (edding 8150 marker). And I noted that they show heavy signs of degradation (lots of cracks), so they should be greased much more often than yearly! I think at least quarterly. again, YMMV.

concerning the galvanisation problem: I greased the tyre nipple with the usual 100% silicone grease. I do not know if it will work as there is no snow winter (and thus no salt on roads) to check it but still I hope for the best.

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Thank you @Vv_Kk for the continuous feedback on the Smart Tire Safety Monitor. Feel free to contact more if any problem occurs.
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