Sensors stuck

My sensors are completely stuck to the valves, preventing me to inflate my tires. I’ve not used the locking kit so I expect them to come off using hand force. My car is currently having service and the mechanic just called, worried to break something if going at it with tools. I live in Norway and salt is frequently used on roads in the winter and I suspect it might cause the threads in the sensor to erode and that’s why they won’t come off. Using a metal which doesn’t handle winter conditions, I would say, is a major flaw in your product development.

Any suggestions?

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No real help, but same issue on the other side of the border too :confused:

Can feel the entire valve stem turning when trying to remove mine, no locking used here either.

@Mathias_Hansson @Stefan_Lindfors
Terribly sorry for what has happened to you.
Customer service agent will follow up with your cases.

I have the same problem with the two rear sensors stuck on the valve stems. It’s likely galvanic corrosion which is caused when one metal corrodes preferentially when it is in electrical contact with another, in the presence of an electrolyte. Salt or water would qualify as an electrolyte. The valve stem is metal and so is the sensor. Thus this is likely to happen with every person who uses these sensors.

Thanks for warning me about this!!! I’ve just checked my sensors - front left have some signs of this behavior - a thin greenish like o-ring has formed on the brass tread of the valve stem where the sensor tread end reaches. So I removed sensors and cleaned all four valve threads. Trying to prevent this complete stuck I put a thin coat of thick 100% silicone oil on the valve threads before putting the sensors again. Hope this works. I think some sort of lithium based grease will be better but I am afraid that lithium grease will ruin the sensor’s o-rings and they will start to lose air.
I think @Julieta could ask the NONDA tech guys - what kind of grease we could use on the valve stems that will prevent this corrosion and on other hand - not damaging the sensors -o-rings.?

I think that some dielectric grease would work or some anti-seize compound would work as well. That’s what I’ve used for straight valve caps. Though with the electronics being in play, there might be a better option.

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I am here in NJ, US and I have the same problem. I used the locking and that was able to untighten fine but the sensor is stuck.

@Brian_Wong1 sorry for what you’ve been experienced with. I’ll forward your case to our customer service team. Our agent will follow-up with it.

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Unfortunately, it is already passed BestBuy’s Return/Exchange Period of 30 days.

Well, at least they want to exchange mine. The problem is I can’t really send them the entire tires :stuck_out_tongue: … If I could remove the sensors, I wouldn’t really have a problem would I? >_>

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They want to also exchange mine, but since I’m in Canada I have to pay for shipping/handling cost.

Nevertheless, there is no point in exchanging my corroded sensors for new sensors since the new sensors would eventually corrode too and I would be back to the same situation.

It’s a design flaw, which was not addressed, and will not be addressed for the new replacement sensors. I wouldn’t risk it.

I’ll take the loss, and will not be buying another Nonda product.

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Just ran into this same issue yesterday. Hat a blow out on one of my tires, & I was able to loosen the locking but the tire shop guy had to cut the valve and use grease to remove the sensor so it could be installed on the new tire.

With the other three basically stuck in the same situation, I’m at the mercy of my tires staying inflated. No way of removing them safely or easily to inflate tires…

Hey guys, I have the same problem. Rear tires have the sensors stuck on the valve. What is the solution to this problem?

I ended up having to have all 4 cut off, they’re on their way back to Nonda now. Had thought they would have arrived by now though as it is nearing two weeks now :confused:

Hello @Akshay_Pimple I will pass your case to customer service team for the follow-up. So sorry for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately, I think I may be in the same situation… I do use the locks but undid them but cannot for the life of me turn the sensors by hand, don’t have any tools on hand and the tire pressure is low needing inflating… did anyone come up with any tricks to getting these off?


Same thing happened to me (the sensors of both rear tires were stuck to the valves). I poured some warm water on the valve to clean off the winter salt mixture that had formed on the valve. Then I used two pliers - one on the valve stem, and one on the sensor cap. With a little force the sensor came loose! I plan to grease the valve before putting them back on.

@Lillie_Kuss Thank you so much for the tips and that surely will help in some cases.
@Kyle_Manley May I ask you to try what Lillie suggested and see if the sensors come loose?

… and this really is a brilliant idea! I’m about to recommend it to all the STSM users and adding this as a supplement to the User Manual!

Terribly sorry that this has happened to you guys and I am truly grateful for all your suggestions!

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I’m also having the same issue as everyone else. I can’t remove the sensors from all 4 tires. They’re stuck and I have one that needs inflation.
What’s the point of knowing that your tire pressure is low and you can’t inflate it due to stuck sensors!

I’m also in Canada and as others mentioned, it could be because of the combination of salt, water and cold.

I’ve stopped using my car because I can’t drive on a low pressure tire, it’s dangerous, but that’s can’t be the solution!

Can you please help me get the sensors off my car tires