Separation Alarm Intermittent

Been using my Aiko all week with no issues, appears to connect reliably however I have found the separation alarm to work intermittently. A couple times a night I walk to the other side of the building from my work area and I only get the separation alert about half the time. I am definitely out of bluetooth range. Any ideas?

Hi @Dan_Schoen To avoid false alarm we optimized the trigger mechanism, if you walk in & out of a certain range continually the it will be consider to be a false alarm—maybe you are walking into the kitchen to get some chips. But if you are truly walk away and not return, the separation alarm still keep silence, then that is issue we concern. Normally if you take the phone away from your key you will get the notification within 3 min.

When I leave my work area it is usually a 15 minute break, so I am definitely away from my keys for longer than 3 minutes. Sometimes I get the alarm, sometimes nothing.

When you leave with your AIKO, and your phone remain where it is, you won’t get alarm — That’s because AIKO is a key finder, not a phone finder. And if you did take your phone away and didn’t get alarm, please let us know the scenario and more details (such as how large is your office, if there a brick wall that block the signal, etc.)

Let me clarify. Yes, I leave my keys at my workspace and take my phone with me. The breakroom is probably about 200 feet away. down two long corridors. There would be several walls between the phone and the Aiko. Definitely out of bluetooth range.

Thanks for the details you provide! The Dev team said they will keep optimizing the algorithm of separation alarm, to resolve your issues under this scenario.