Should i have to open the app every ride?

Should i have to open the app every single ride?, because if it is not open it doesn’t show any records of my tires pressure, (i let it running in the back)
It should register automatically the information, right?
I’m concerned about 2 things…
What if i have a low tire and but i forgot open the app?,
What if i have a little leak and because i didn’t open the app it doesn’t alarm me…

Hope somebody can help me


Hello @soyricardomacias
As long as you keep the app running in the background, all the data shall be saved automatically.
When you say it doesn’t show records, can you send some screenshot? Is it the timeline or the dashboard that you are talking about?

If you keep the app running in the background and sees the 3 LED ontop of the in-car receiver is solid white, it means the phone has a solid connection with the device. When low tire pressure is detected in one of your tires, you will receive push notifications on your phone and you could obviously see the corresponding Green LED flashing along with a warning buzzer beeping, you won’t miss it.

Same here, as long as the app is still running, either in the foreground or in the background, and the White LED indicator is solid on, you will receive notification when such tire conditions are detected.

Thanks for answering! You can see the screenshoot, there is no records for 4 days and this happened because i didnt open the app, i was testing the app and 100% ensured it was “running” in the background, i have IOs 12.1.2 iphone xs Max :frowning:

Hello Ricardo @soyricardomacias I just checked your tire data, seems like everything’s fine with your STSM.
Wondering if you have checked the Dashboard page and click on the tires to view the historical data?