Silence Technical Support

Silence instead of answering by ticket 104482, 104363, 104277, 104001, 103736.
No feedback for more than ten days.
Its OK?

Hi @iexx
I’ll check it our with our CS team.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
What’s wrong with your Smart Tire Safety Monitor?

Does not matter the front right wheel sensor is on the wheel or is removed and the battery is removed - the receiver shows a green indicator light that with the pressure in the right front wheel everything is OK. The ZUS application at the same time shows the same readings, which have not changed for two weeks. 2,24 bar 3 C.

Well noted, it could be a defective sensor, the CS agent will follow up with you. I’ve looped the team leader to keep an eye on your cases. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Feel free to reach out more if you have other issues.

A defective sensor will not send readings without a battery.
To me, your system reports normal pressure in the wheel and normal temperature in any wheel condition and any sensor condition (on / off).

But your technical feedback on the contrary is silent for more than a week