Smart Dash Cam Feature Request

Since there is an LED to indicate that the camera is on, I really wish that I could silence the cam. I don’t need the beep at startup as it is actually quite annoying.

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Hello @sboots88 Thank you for your suggestions, I will convey your idea to the team.
If you have any other issues, feel free to let us know.
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I totally agree. The startup/shutdown beep is quite annoying. I would like to turn that off.

Got it! @Erik_Ammerlaan

+1 for this request. The beep is so annoying… please add an option to turn it off.

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Well received, will let team know.
Thank you!

Just want to add my vote to this topic. It’s 8 months old now but not resolved. I’m fine with a low volume beep, the loud beep has to go. Please!