Smart Dash Cam suggestions and experiances

First, I would like to say that I do not have access to the feedback option on the Zus app for the smart dash cam, so I am posting it here.

The good:

  1. The dashcam was easy to install into my vehicle and so far not had any problems staying adhered to the windshield. The dashcam is nice and small and fits perfectly behind my rearview mirror with only a single wire visible and it goes straight up and hides behind my ceiling panel, only to be shown again where it comes out from my steering column and plugs into a Zus smart car charger.

  2. The videos are very good quality and it is easy to see everything, probably one of the most important parts of a dashcam.

  3. The app does a good job of showing videos of each video clip and it’s nice to be able to quickly scrub through a video to double check before downloading it. It’s nice that each thumbnail has the time as well so you can locate your video if you remember the time it was taken at.

The bad:

  1. While the app is easy to use the connectivity aspect is another story. I have a problem where Android 9.0 will not transfer data after connecting to the wifi from the dash cam after the first time. Any time I want to connect to the dashcam to get some video from it I have to forget the dashcam network and reconnect to it. Then I have to double-click the side button, then I have to wait for android to tell me the wifi has no internet connection and ask me if I wish to stay connected, finally, the Zus app will work as intended showing me the videos and allowing me to download one if I want. This is something I had to figure out myself and is a real pain. It also means that first time users have a hard time connecting to the dashcam to set it up. When I tried setting up the dashcam for the first time it took me 10 minutes as I did not click the stay connected button android prompt the first time. Also, the message does not show on android until you double-click the side button. I would like to point out that this is most likely a software problem on the dash cam as I have an Olympus camera that uses wifi and an app to allow me to transfer photos from the camera and that app works just fine. I assume that Android has some way of detecting if a wifi network is going to be used for internet or just data transfer with no internet and the Zus dashcam acts like its an internet connection making android stop communicating to the device.

  2. Download speeds are really slow at ~2MB/s.

  3. The auto collision detection is WAY TO SENSITIVE! In Canada because of the weather our roads always have potholes, in the winter the roads shrink from the cold and in the summer they expand from the heat. So even in the city bumps are inevitable. Because of this, my Zus dashcam gets a lot of false positives and when I go through the videos I notice there are a lot of “emergency saved” videos. Even with the setting set to low I got an emergency video when I only drove a total of about 20 minutes to and from school. This is a problem as emergency videos don’t get deleted automatically and I have to manually format the SD card so I don’t get any memory problems.

  4. There is no way to manually save footage while driving as there is only one button and clicking it turns on wifi and stops recording.


Very good review @Leif_Lang

Thank you for the review. I will check with team and see if they can solve the issue.
Feel free to reach out again if you have other issues/suggestions.
Best Regards

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Now that I have a more complete dash cam, I can start investigating misbehaviors I have seen while I was troubleshooting other stuff. My dash cam has also been providing me with emergency videos, and my sensitivity was set to medium (the default). I will be trying the low sensitivity mode very soon to see if that improves things.

OK, Thankyou for “The Bad: #1

I’ve tried to find the videos on my dash cam and keep getting no information or anything other than the current software version on my dash cam. I’m hoping to follow these instructions and be able to check out my videos and check out all the available settings I didn’t even know were available.

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Bumping this up, anything come up on android connection to this device!?


gonna start bumping this everyday till someone says something about it.

What’s the issue? You have to connect your phone via WiFi to the dash cam. Without doing that you can’t view any recorded or saved video…

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When I connect my phone, android, to the wifi of the dash cam, it shows connected but gives no options for changing settings or grabbing any videos. This is annoying and needs an update or needs to be replaced.

I have not tried what the original poster has said to do to access these things on android but I shouldn’t have to go thru all that just to access my videos and settings.


Anyone got any input on my comment?

Still cannot access my videos on android phone anyone have a response to this or is it just being ignored!?

Hi texaslonestar48. Please note that this is not the official support of Nonda, but a forum where users (and occasionally Nonda staff) visit and try to help, IF they have something to add.

I would recommend to you to contact official Nonda support with your question (