Smart Tire Safety Monitor Seized Caps

So I have a big issue with the Smart Tire Safety Monitor. Not even through one winter and the valve caps have gotten seized on. I have managed to get the lock nuts loose but no luck with the main sensors. I have been putting penetrating anti-corrosion oil with no luck thus far. I have these on my winter tires and will have to put them on again soon.
If I knew this was an issue I would have applied some anti-seize to the threads before I put the sensors on. At this point, if I can’t remove the sensors I will have to replace my valve stems(and will have to toss my sensors). For the most part my experience has been great with this one big exception. I am very interested in what kind of response I will get from Nonda.

You probably have to contact customer service about this. See here as well: Every sensor is stuck! Cant get any off