Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Compatibility with Hyundia

Hi Team,

I am from India and I have 2016 Model Hyundai i20 Asta, before buying Smart Vehicle Health Monitor I need your confirmation that it will be compatible with Hyundai i20 India Model.


Please note, that this is a forum, not customer support of Nonda. Customer support can be reached at

Also it’s not a good idea to post your full email address and phone number to a public forum. Inviting spam and other problems (identity theft).


Thank you so much for your guidance

Great tip @roland.mettler
Because I would totally troll with spam emails :smiley: (I’m joking)

@nik_nkson ~ I believe it is compatible as Asta is similar to Accent in North America, but engine type is different-ish.

OBD2 connections and ECU sub-type should be the same.

You should not have any issues, however just make sure you have a good refund policy in case it doesn’t work for you. :slight_smile:

Hey Shak,

Thanks for your reply…

today i tried to install from google play store “ZUS” and we have an option for creating a profile for our car but i didn’t able to find Hyundai i20 in it. that’s why i raise concern here.

BTW i already write an email for Customer support…let see what they respond.

Make sense, that is because Asta is a regional vehicle.
some of models you see in India are made specifically for South Asian countries.

My best recommendation would be to use “Accent” as your model. As that is what Asta is based from.
Since it doesn’t alter the functionality of the tool. That is mainly for you to keep track of your vehicle mileage; in case you have multiple vehicles.

@Julieta correct me if I am wrong, but I can technically set my profile as Ferrari 488 Spider, and the functionality would remain the same even if I am driving a Honda civic, correct? Or is there a core change of how to OBD2 reads it based on the model?
Is my profile just labeling the vehicle or actually modifying SVHM? (Because if it is the latter, that is a lot of programming for each specific vehicle.)

Correct!! :joy:

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Just labeling your vehicle and that’s it.

There you have it @nik_nkson ~ Answer for the sweet and pro @Julieta
It is just label, chose whatever you want. :slight_smile: functionality will be the same.

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