Smart Vehicle Health Monitor - doesn't display data

The monitor worked fine when first installed. Did a test drive and all data showed with no glitches [RPM, coolant temp, etc.]. After the initial drive, the monitor no longer tracks data, shows disconnected, but can still run a scan. All three lights on the monitor are on, solid, no flashing.


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Hi Mike,
Have you tired turning on and off the airplane mode on your smartphone or unplug and plug the device again?
May I know your car make? smartphone OS?

@Julieta, based on the screenshot, it looks like an Android, Bluetooth also seems on and connected.

@Mike_Simpson the " - - " reading you get, I notice that on my phone if its grey then there is no data being transmitted, if it’s white, then the data is transmitting as “null”.

But looking at your first screenshot. It states the “Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Disconnected” in the center.
Did you manually connect the Bluetooth (Search under Bluetooth settings) or did you pair it within the app?

Can you force close the app and relaunch it?
Note: When you force close the app, the 3 dots flash on the OBDII connector since they are reconnecting.

Sorry for the slow reply…busy before Christmas…and I only drive the truck on weekends…

  • My vehicle is a 2014 Ford F-150
  • Android 7.1.1 OS
    I will try plugging/unplugging the device and Airplane on & off to see if it makes a difference… I have tried turning the bluetooth on & off with no luck… I guess I was wondering how the device could possible perform a ‘scan’ of functions if it shows ‘disconnected’!

@Julieta I have got the same problem, car make Mitsubishi Pajero 2001

Hi @ihsan.jandal Can I have your car make and a screenshot of the problem you stated?

@Julieta car make:Mitsubishi Model:Pajero Year:2001

Also while having the health monitor connected the cars speedometer becomes erratic while running (drops 20kmh and comes back up)

Hi @Julieta any response on this?

@ihsan.jandal Hi there, from the screenshot seems like compatibility issue.

I have same problem. Everything connected but no data in pro dashboard.

Also, security center registered one fault. I wanted to show someone the fault, but subsequent scans would not show a fault and said everything was fine even though engine light was on.

Piggy backing on this thread, I just recently got the health monitor, The only activity it displays for me is the Rev/Coolant & the load, but as far as the top speed it is always at zero, I have reset the unit two time already and set it to default settings with no luck, also i thought you would be able to log your millage with this device but it ask for a monthly subscription? any suggestions on how I can get the top speed section to work?
1997 Mercedes C Class. Thank you.

Hi @Gfx_Herrera

Terribly sorry for that, however, currently the mileage feature will require the connection with ZUS charger.

From your description, I doubt it’s a compatibility issue, do you mind a refund or are you willing to try it on another vehicle, if available?
Let me know your ideas, and I will get back to you.

Best Regards,

Was a there a solution?
I am having the same issue in Feb 2020

Hello @pchelper
Do you mind try the following troubleshooting for us?

  1. Can you let us know your vehicle’s VIN number so our engineer can further look into the issue?
    If you don’t know where to find your VIN, please refer to

And if you can’t get stable real-time data on the dashboard, please share the log with me.

  • Plugin the SVHM device to your vehicle and make the connection.
  • Open the app for at least 5 mins during the trip, and when you are convenient, please shake your phone physically. Then you will see a prompt to share the data.