✨ Car Finder & Mileage Supported by Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

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Our Smart Vehicle Health Monitor now supports Car Finder & Mileage features, meaning, even you don’t have a ZUS Smart Charger, you are now able to locate your car and record your mileage in ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App.

Version 6.3.2 both iOS & Android, update your ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App to the latest version to try on the features!

Feel free to give feedback!

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Has the battery drain issue on the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor been fixed…? I am not leaving that thing plugged in my car unless it is. I haven’t used it ever since probably December because of the battery drain issue.

Since the new app update I am now getting erroneous “Location saved successfully” alerts on my iPhone. I have the smart charger and TPMS, both of which are switched off when the car is off. I used to have the SVHM, but it is unplugged.

Hi @wfickas could you check
If the ZUS is well plugged in?
Where do you usually place your phone while driving?
Do you have the habit of turning off the engine while waiting for signal light?
Finally, it is suggested that if you don’t use your SVHM, it’s better to delete the device from the ZUS app.

Awesome news

By the way, I didn’t phrases that well. I meant when I’m out of the car in my house or office I keep getting the Location Saved popups. However, I rechecked and I did have the SVHM plugged in. Although the charger and TPMS are not powered when the car is off, the OBD port is always live so the SVHM is always powered. It seems that every time I got near enough to the car (in Bluetooth range) it was connecting and generating the spurious signals. Now that I unplugged the SVHM again the problem has gone away.

How do I remove the SVHM from the app? I poked around and didn’t find anything, other than deleting the app and starting over.

Thank you @wfickas for clearing this up.

Could you help us debug one situation? Plug back the SVHM, engine completely off, open ZUS app, and see what readings you get on “Revolution” & “Speed”?

To delete the device, simply click the car icon in the upper left corner and then click on the “i” icon on the right side of the vehicle that the SVHM is bound to.

Then click on the garbage icon to delete the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor.

Thank you for the delete instructions.

When I plugged in the SVHM it connected and then showed “–” (double dash) for both Revolution and Speed. It actually only stayed connected for about a minute then disconnected. I unplugged it and tried again with the same results.


I have a smart car charger, smart tire safety monitor, smart vehicle health monitor. I found that after the last update, the parking record function needs to open the smart vehicle health monitor just to record my parking location.

Hi, what do you mean by “open the smart vehicle health monitor”? to plug it or connect it to the ZUS app?

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear. I used the OBD2 cable with switch to connect the SVHM to protect my car battery. After October 4th, I found that I couldn’t record parking location. If I didn’t start SVHM, even I connected the smart car charger, I still couldn’t record the parking location.

I had the exact same problem. I was keeping the SVHM switched off so it wouldn’t drain my car battery, and with the latest app version, trips stopped being logged.

Per support, I had to remove the SVHM from the app before the smart car charger would log trips again. Apparently it won’t work with both of them on there but only one being powered on.

@nated @a16a0edab8b57d66bd45aa8615e0721
Hello guys,
Thank you for your feedbacks, we will look into the issue and fix the bug ASAP.
In the meanwhile, if you have added the SVHM to your account yet you don’t want to keep it plug in, I suggest it you remove the SVHM and create a second car profile then add the SVHM to it.
Will keep you updated once the bug is fixed. (presumably by the end of this month)

Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
Best Regards,