Speed Meter

When i start the car and start the Zus app : i Go on the way and the way Speed meter works ok. When i must stoppen and turn the car off then the problem : i start the car for the next ride the speed meter give - - No speed enymore on the telephone Apple 6. What i can do reset the telefone ore on plug the OBD adapter. When i place iT back iT works again.
Short Every time reset the speed meter

Again !! Send many time to ASK to you sorry

Dutch: snelheidsmeter werkt perfect maar na een ritje van een paar kilometer en contact af snelheids meter werkt niet meer. Auto met altijd 12 op aansteker plug

Welcome @Leo_Groenendijk

So after a short stop, when you run your car again, the speedometer doesn’t work in the app?
Did you force close the app on your iPhone 6? or is it still running?

If I understand correctly, you have to unplug and re-plug the OBD2 connection for it to work again?
I think your issue may be in the app connection not the physical connection.

What car model do you have?
@Julieta do you think this is a technical issue?

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Hallo i have a peugeot 406 Coupe v6

Sorry for the late response.
Busy with life >_<

@Leo_Groenendijk are you still having issues? The connection issue was supposedly resolved in the last 2 updates.
Any luck?

No I have no Luck same problem. I get buy a new one.

Another problem : I have not received my Heart Monitor from the action 4,79 USD
order #1199936
Leo Groenendijk
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zip 3257 ka Ooltgensplaat
pay by visa.

Huh? When was nonda selling heart monitors?

Ha Ha (: I am From Holland i did not know That
Google somtimes not good Translate.
More do you know what a dummy Dutch Hollander main. Its the check from the motor
Obd now you understanding???


Ah, you mean the health monitor. There was a special for the light one for less or free, minus sending, if I am correct. Your best bet is probably to ask customer service of Nonda.

Hello @Leo_Groenendijk
This is a known issue on iOS devices. We will fix it ASAP.

Thank you Juliens i wait voor updating

Hallo Julieta every time i get a mail from Kevin B
Ticket 128274. Problem with speed meter. Kevin want to zendt It back for rechercheurs to Nonda.
The cost from sending from Holland to China its more then the obd. But why you told on the forum its a Apple problem . You answere wait for a update from Zus . I understanding this ebt more. I have all from Nonda. But also every time problems . On this moment also the 4 leds from the tire indication works onley 2 leds not 4.the display on the iPhone 6se give Not a problem the 4 tires give on display on i Phone a good indication. But every week a problem !

I hope you tell on the forum That you know already the problem with the speed meter en give Please you prommis a up date on the app.

Thans you Leo Rewards menner

Julieta speed meter. Again the question when the update?

Juleta again No display on screen for Speed meter. you can read ons this form your answer : we Know the Problem . we fix it s.a.p. by update. ( Nov.2019 ) witch year do you main.?

Leo Groenendijk.

I think you have to give it up, I don’t think Nonda will ever get a move on and fix the bugs on any of their products. Also the support is truly clueless when a real problem shows up. No help there.

With Julieta also not being much (or at all) in this forum, I would say: Forget it, and move on to another product of another manufacturer.