SVHM new feature request

Hi, is there a possibility that the systems monitored and displayed can be user-selected?
I tow a heavy caravan in rough outback Australian terrain. I would like to be able to monitor my transmission and engine temperatures, which I am sure can be accessed through the ODB port.


Here normally list of what is “trackable” from an OBD2 port

Ambient air temperature
Catalyst Temperature
Intake air temperature
Engine coolant temperature <<---- this one may the closest of the engine temperature…
Engine oil temperature
Manifold surface temperature

For transmission temperature that would require your vehicule to have a sensor… and also the app supporting it. there is very few vehicule having it.

Note that niche feature may not be released…

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Would also like to see the possibility of more robust options for information from the OBDII port. Previously I used a program called DashCommand, which allowed selection of various gauges, etc. to create a virtual dashboard to monitor aspects of the engine that were important (to me).

If not in the SVHM app, then perhaps another program Nonda would release that would use the same dongle.

I realize many people would not have need for those things, but those of us who do (and are already using your product) it’d be a nice option to either “add” metrics needed rather than have to switch out dongles in the OBDII port to use the other programs available that can do this.


I totally agree, we should have a Novice Dashboard and an advanced one that allow to customize metrics we need to see

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