SVHM not displaying correctly

I got the SVHM for christmas and it connects to my phone and all as it should, but its flickering the readouts. My RPMs for example, will read correctly, then drop to 0 and and have dashes for the numerical readout, but some of the other numbers will still be displayed. Actually the speed is displayed all the time and never wrong, just everything else. I don’t know whats wrong, as it is connected and not losing its connection. I love the idea and I want it to work.

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Can you provide more information so the Nonda team can assist with this issue?

What type of phone are you using?
What OS version?
What’s the make/model of the vehicle you are having this issue with?
Have you tested it with another vehicle?

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iPhone XS Max on the latest IOS.

2001 Ford F-150

And no I have not yet. Will check that out after I’m done work today and get back with more info

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I also drive an '02 Ford F150 connected to my Samsung Galaxy Active S8 on Android ver8.0.0
I have the same issues. If/when it works it is choppy. I have had to repair my truck a few times since putting this in as well and regardless of the check engine or any other dummy lights being on, the scan always comes back “everything is fine”

Hello @Gary_Germain this seems to be a compatibility issue. I will ask our customer service team to follow up with you. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
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I am having issues with my veichele monitor device. The coolant temp use to work and show 212f now it says at 32f for days no matter what. I force closed the app and cleared cache reinstalled app etc. I am on production version.