SVHM - Safety Center - Detected issues cannot be cleared

@Julieta Got the another issue here… Lexus IS 200 1999… Previous detected issues keep on appearing on the screen eventhough i already try to cleared them… please help me to fix this… tq…

Hi @kaz_hms May I know if the CEL on your Lexus was already on before you Use the SVHM to scan the vehicle?

Have you actually fixed your car before clearing the codes? Some codes won’t clear if car detects the problem still exist.

Thank you @jason_lei224 That’s exactly what I intended to say. In @kaz_hms I would recommend a car check if the CEL was on before you run the Safety Check.

I have fixed the car and the car is not showing any more issue but when I clear click clear code, the app rescan and showing the same issue again. I’m currently driving bmw f30