SVHM - Volkswagen Battery Drain

Hello, Recently purchased the Smart vehicle health monitor for my 2016 Volkswagen Jetta and I have been testing it out the past few weeks and have noticed a few things.

When left plugged into my car and left overnight for about 10-12 hours I use my key fob to try and unlock the car from a reasonable distance and it doesn’t seem to unlock until Im literally inches away form my car. I know for a fact that it is NOT my key fob because I tried using both and replacing with brand new batteries for both and still the same result. I have unplugged the SVHM from my vehicle and let the battery charge up after driving for a while and whenever using the key fob I have no issue.

Was hoping to get some insight and assistance on how to fix this. I was looking so forward to using this device but it doesn’t even work properly for its intended use makes me very disappointed.

I use a OBD extension cable with ON/OFF switch to connect to the SVHM. I switch it off after the end of my drive instead of having to remove the SVHM from OBD port every time.

Hope Julieta has an update to this battery drain issue with a hardware or software update?