Tire monitor sensors stolen

Dear Nonda,
03 of my Nonda tire monitor where stolen, is there a way a can purchase new ones?
Thank you,

I would think that you’ll probably need to purchase the whole set.

@alejandro_katz Did you use the anti-theft locks?

@Julieta can better assist you.

Hello @Alejandro_Katz
You could contact cs@nonda.us for purchasing extra sensors.
Sorry to hear that.
It’s a good idea you should install the anti-theft nut. Thank you @up4reviews

The so called “ANTI THEFT NUT” is quite useless. Tested a dozen times - no problem to unscrew the sensor by hand- first the cap unscrews, then the sensor.

:joy: Could you be more specific with your story? Seems like the anti-theft nut is not working well on your device? @Zhivko_Nikolov

I tried to lock the sensors with the supplied nut and wrench. Tried to tighten hard - ended with a few cracked black caps. And was able to unscrew the sensor by hand every time after locking. First the cap, than the sensor body. They are mounted on a regular tire valves - rubber stem and a brass thread.
I agree that it is harder to unscrew if there is no lock nut - bur no extremely difficult and I am not using any tools for this job.