Tire sensor calibrating forever

Has worked well for a long time. Suddenly all the app says now is connected… Calibrating. Even after two hours of driving, no results. What can I do?

Hello @scottlazar1 Thank you for reaching out.
How long have you been using this set of STSM?
Have you ever changed batteries for your sensors?
I’m assuming a low voltage case for your sensors and the best solution will be replace each with a CR1632.
Also log out and log in ZUS app can help for clearing cache and update info.

Hi. I agree on login put and login in but even after replacing batteries it continues to say connecting forever. It will work for a short span and fail again.

Could you send me a new unit @Julieta ?

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Hi, my TPMS sensors system has a sensor dead (Nonda ZUS). The sistem dont recognize the front left sensor (see the images), i replace the battery in front left and rear left sensor with two new batteries, but the front do not change its status in the APP. Is it possible replace the sensor (Front Left)?
Bought on Amazon.it Ordinato il 26 novembre 2018 Numero ordine: 405-9918123-9344367

Hello @adbmegasoft Individual sensor is available via our CS department. Feel free to contact them directly. cs@nonda.us It’s 24*7 service. Feel free to send your issue to them.
If you have other suggestions or problems, feel free to let us know here. Be glad to help.
Best Regards,

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