Tire sensor’s cap broke

I’m nonda product royalty customer for servel years ago started with car charger, health monitor and TPMS. I’ve brought Nonda’s TPMS 1.5 years ago and now the plastic cap is broken due to thai weather is extremely hot.

I’m sent message to nonda cs team With ticket 118308 to buy the plastic caps. They asked many things and it’s take 3 weeks to ask for more details. Finally, they told me they can do nothing except I will bought whole sensor again with 25 dollars each.

It’s not make any sense to me due to my old sensor still work perfectly and only plastic cap was broke.

I’m choose Nonda project even cost is high because I believe in their good-view and product quality. I’m thinking to not support Nonda product anymore in every aspect.

Goodbye Nonda

It is altogether not uncommon that little replacement parts can’t be bought separately. This is not a whole car or a house after all… Even on a Macbook you can’t just get the display panel without the frame attached for some models. I believe it has to do with cost-optimization, as of not having all replacement parts on stock all the time.

I received the same response when searching for a replacement for the small red washer. I decided it was best just to order the entire replacement sensor and keep most of it for spare parts. Be aware that the replacement comes with “some assembly required.”

Exactly my point, I emailed them last week and told them that I needed to replace all 4 of my tire sensor caps as it all broke after nearly 2 years due to heat and they want me to order the whole sensor, why should I pay $100 for a new set when all I need is the cap? Let me know how you resolve this, if they cant sell replacement caps, I’d rather buy a whole new sensor from amazon for half the price of this.

Exact same issue, they not mind their customer just sell the whole new 4 set of spare