TPMS false marketing - Nonda doesn't care

I have opened a forum post with no answer and no update from support or community manager

Since the posting I have opened several tickets with support to no avail. I have purchased this TPMS solely for using it on my Android Head Unit like in ChrisFix’s video. This video was posted on the company’s indiegogo page as official review video and backers have spent money based on the info there.

Now as far as I had troubleshooting my Android 8.0 Head Unit (reinstall android, root, using custom rom and stock rom, different apps, different drivers, etc) Nonda TPMS is NOT WORKING on it!

My many tickets with support got closed with half-ass answers or none at all. One time they promised they are working on the fix, the other time they stated they make no guarantee at all that they would work. Support also stated they DO NOT PRIORITIZE this solution and as of such there is no ETA, no guarantee that it will work, etc.

On my latest I requested a partial refund because if this does not apply to false marketing then I don’t know what is. It is NOT acceptable from you to tell me to use my phone. What, should I check the damn thing during driving?! That’s hazardous and can cause accidents, but apparently Nonda doesn’t care none about safety, nor false marketing.

Knowing this I could have purchase any of the chinese products for much cheaper, they do provide the same level of (no) support to their shitty products, like Nonda does.

No wonder IT Nerd said the following “I say that you shouldn’t touch any of their products with a 10 foot barge pole as clearly this isn’t the sort of company that you should be dealing with.”
Why I voted any trust for this company is beyond me and I regret it 100 times! DON’T PURCHASE THEIR PRODUCTS

I can’t relate to the Android Head Unit compatibility (as sadly, my car does not have that feature, and here in Japan aftermarket head units with Android Auto or the iOS equivalent are sparse), but as far as “looking on my phone goes”: I am relying on the beeping of the dongle to which the sensors connect (the one which has to be plugged in via USB and looks like a little car).

If it beeps, I stop the car and check. Granted, not the most elegant solution, but if not integrated in the car, it’s the next best thing.

As the Android head unit functionality is not mentioned on their official website, is it possible that this is something they advertised for the Indiegogo campagin, but didn’t get implemented, or is now on a low-priority list for implementation at a later date?

I can only paste their support response on the matter, when they DO responded and not just closed off my ticket right off the bat:

Here’s one guy who actually cared with this issue after 3 closed down tickets right off the bat.
“…we are actually receiving a lot of emails with the same concern as your. They’re all using Android 8.0 but can’t seem to pair with the device.
Our engineering team are already working on this issue but we still haven’t heard from them. I’ll go ahead and do a follow up again and I’ll give you an update
as soon as I have one.”

“I can guarantee to you that they’re working on it since we will be losing a lot of business if this issue isn’t resolve as soon as possible.”

The same guy later responded:
“I was advised by our engineering team that the multimedia Android Car System is a different type of device compared with Android phones. They are still currently working on making it compatible with all android system but as of the moment, we can’t make guarantee that it’ll work.”

After this response I have waited for awhile, hoping they will come up with a solution. It was promised they are working on it. Than after a month and there were no updates and proceeding on my issue(this shouldn’t be that hard to implement, I am a dev myself and I am also working with devs all the time) I opened 3 OTHER TICKETS, some of them I did get an initial response, others were closed right off. The ones where I got response have asked me details and some troubleshooting which I have provided and total silence after that. One of them even mentioned that the unit on Chris Fix’s video was actually an Android tablet mounted on his car (which is clearly isn’t I double checked that) to look like one, but it is not a built-in Android Auto unit (Android Auto is an app on the factory Head Units or phones which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and not an OS like an actual Android Head Unit). This was the point when I realized Nonda does not have a clue about this issue at all…

So I went and opened my latest ticket, which is currently open, who knows how long it will be. (By the way I requested several times from them to not close my tickets, and they have also gone totally ignored).

So my latest replies are of such:
"Our team are still currently working on making it compatible with all types of Android system but as of the moment, we can’t make guarantee that it’ll work.

ChrisFix is a blogger who once reviewed our product and is not a company representative. Whatever representations he has about our products does not reflect on us. We’ve always mentioned in our own marketing videos that it works on phones which are the compatible device.

If you don’t want to use it on your phone, you return the item for refund to the store where it was bought."

I have several issues with this: I was previously assured they are working on to solve the issue, because they lose customers this way, etc. And because of this I was keen on holding on to the product. As I was promised they are on the solution. If something worked previously and it can be proved it was, it will work again, right? That was what I was thinking when keeping the product and not taking it back to local store. Now I’m well past my refund period, cannot return it. Now they are saying it won’t be solved, it is not a priority.

By the way it is also surprising they state that ChrisFix’s video is not relevant while they certainly had that video up on their indiegogo page while collecting backers money and backings and now suddenly it is not relevant anymore?!

"We cannot guarantee as our engineers are still working on making it compatible. For now it won’t work and we make no guarantees that it will work other than on your phone. There are no workarounds and there is no other way to use it except to use your phone directly.

We have no ETA on when it will be made compatible. Again we can’t make any guarantees on this. We can only tell you to use it on your phone instead if you can’t return it."

“WE also cannot provide you any list of any sort for compatible head units (as I have also requested this list for many times from them) because we’ve never tested it for those devices and we only know it’s not compatible. We created our devices to be used primarily for phones and our app is optimized for phones. While we are working on making it compatible for a greater number of devices, our priority is still making it compatible with phones.”

So this is where we currently are. They KNOW that their device isn’t working on Head Units, they state they have never tested them and yet STILL they didn’t hesitate to advertise it as such when they needed the money! And they also stating now that there is NO priority to solve this, while previously they GUARANTEED they are working on the solution. Nonda SCAMMED me!!! This situation truly applies for false advertising, and they are silent about it. I find it truly amazing that you have to be a blogger with reputation like ITNerd, to get ANYTHING going on with this scammer of a company.

I requested compensation for this false advertising and scamming, and of course no response from their side.
I won’t stop here if they don’t come up with a solution for me. But then again what can you expect from a company where the TPMS has a factory defect where Galvanic Corrosion is affecting EVERYONE and yet they still selling it! I was aware of that yet still bought, because I was thinking to grease it regularly so I can prevent that. Anything. Because THEY SHOWED it is working on a HU.

I refuse to use this with a phone. Stopping and checking when the external caps can only truly measure while moving? The whole idea is ridiculous.

Nonda support has replied after more than a week saying they refuse to compensate or refund. They just telling mindlessly to return the product to the retailer, which, as I described, cannot be proceeded with as I’m past the 14 day refund period.

So to summarize Nonda first promised the stars down from the sky that they will solve the issue. After they wasted enough of my time and I was past my refund period they just refuse to take responsibility for anything.

This is some of the worst support I have encountered during my years. As I myself am also supporting customers this attitude which Nonda allows themselves I would be fired if I would do that. THIS is what you can expect from them.

@Zsolt_K So sorry it took me so long for replying your email.
Normally I set email notifications for new posts, however, something must have gone wrong and I didn’t get anything in my mailbox.

As for your very first post, I have to say sorry ZUS app on Android hasn’t been optimized for any Android Head Units yet. Currently it’ only available on Android Phones.

I will check with our customer colleague for details see what I can do.

@Julieta " I have to say sorry ZUS app on Android hasn’t been optimized for any Android Head Units yet. Currently it’ only available on Android Phones."
If that is the case why did you put out a video on your page detailing it is working on a Head Unit??? It had somehow worked before. I had also a ticket where your support colleague reassured me with his guarantee that engineering is working on the solution for working with head units. And one month after that another colleague of yours just tells me you are not prioritizing this issue?

Yes please check with your colleagues. If you tell me from the start that you are NOT working on anything around this particular issue and you would have told me this is all just a misunderstanding I would have took your product back long ago for a refund! Instead your company just wasted my time and money! Not to mention no reply, no answer had come to my first forum post! This all could be avoided if you (I mean the company) would have been clear with you communication from the start, and not to mention you don’t mislead people from the start!