TPMS low readings

I installed your Zus TPMS system last week and I am having a couple of issues.

The first issue is that they are reading low on all 4 tires, though they are reading consistently low at about 18 psi on the front tires and 20 psi on the rear tires. I am running 70 psi front and 75 psi rear on an F250 pickup truck. I have checked the actual pressure with multiple tire pressure gauges. As per your message board I have tried replacing the batteries, which I did last Friday and I am still getting the same low readigs…

My second issue is the system will not reliably communicate with my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S8Plus if the phone is too close tothe TPMS unit
it will not connect, and must be held at least 4 or 5 feet away which often means standing outside the vehicle in order to get a reliable connection.

Hey @Ike_Stewart

Love the F250 they are awesome.

As per your issue, you could have a set of defective sensors.
As per your communication (which could lead to misreads), Where is your TPMS unit at? Front area?
Your trucks have metal bed, I think the low powered communication is probably bad with your type of boss truck.
Have you tried moving the TPMS unit instead of your phone? Leave the phone where you normally do? (I assume dash or near center console?) and move the TPMS at the back since you should have a usb port there as well. See if it helps with communication.

Just trying to help, but constant 20psi when it is 70-75psi is a huge difference in mis-read… :astonished:

Mine is an older F250, so no built in USB port, I have been using a lighter
socket USB power adapter in the center console. Per the advice in one of
the earlier emails I did also try moving the TPMS unit to the back seat
using a USB extension cable. Regardless of position it seems to always
read low on all 4 tires, never getting an accurate reading in the 400 or so
miles of operation since installing these sensors last month.

I know this email chain is getting long, so to recap I have tried
installing fresh batteries, moving the TPMS unit around the cab of the
truck, removing and replacing the sensors without the lock nut (they do
hiss when I unscrew them ) as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app
on my phone.

As a side topic one annoyance is the app seems to require a live internet
or cell connection to make any settings changes (like changing the PSI),
where I keep the truck on the family farm has poor cell reception so I have
to back the truck out of the shed to get cell signal in order to try to
adjust any settings when testing.

I wasn’t aware the app needs data/cell towers to work. (but I guess may be the sync does).

Pretty upsetting to see you have gone this deep into troubleshooting and moving the main hub tpms and still no luck.

Sorry to hear this bud, but I think you’re seriously sol… I know there are less sophisticated sensors out there, but they handle better and are more rugged.

One thing I do want to confirm, which I think might be left in the dark…
and honestly, it just click for me as well…
70-75 PSI?
wait, aren’t these sensor suppose to handle consumer grade pressure, isn’t 70 psi a little too strong and will cause malfunction?

I haven’t installed or even opened up my package, too damn cold outside and I am a wuss… either way I haven’t read the manual or quick start guide to see what the max psi it can handle in the first place…

Besides that, you either have a defective product or the product just won’t be compatible to your needs.

:disappointed: sorry

@Ike_Stewart Really sorry for the late reply
@Shak thank you for sharing your opinion with us.
However, we cannot jump so quickly to the conclusion that the sensors of the unit are defective.
One interesting fact I do observe is that the F250 may be just too long in size for the receiver to communicate with the sensors well.

I do apologize for this annoyance, however, the data shall be saved to server and thus the internet connection is needed.

Apologize again for the “chain” of troubleshooting going on and on, may I know what do you want to do with the unit?
Do you mind to try it on another car and see if they can give correct readings?
Let me know what favors you and I will try to see what I can do to help.

Best Regards,

My son has a Nissan Sentra that has a factory TPMS system that is prone to
false alarms, so I think I will try this on his car to see if it works, and
if not then I will see about exchanging it. I had planned to do that
today, but ran out of daylight before getting a chance.

Thank you for your patience @Ike_Stewart

I’m reviving this topic to raise testers for STSM with higher pressure range.
If your tire pressure readings are above 50 psi, feel free to contact me for further details.

Hi @Julieta

I’m having the se issue on my vehicle. I’m currently at 40 PSI and all the sensors is reading lower including the front right at 38 and 36 PSI

Please help !

Hello @Henrick_Rawlins I’ll look it up.
What’s your vehicle for this STSM?
Do you know the normal tire pressure range for your vehicle?

Normal tire range is 35 to 40 PSI

Actually went from 16 inch to 22 inch tires

It’s a 2006 Honda Odyssey